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"Coral Gems" Kimono Obi Set

"Coral Gems" Kimono Obi Set

Tiny Florals

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  • Ships from NY
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  • Sourced from Japan
This listing is for a vintage Japanese kimono and obi combination.

The kimono features sweet coral colored fan shapes floating along a background of little white 5-petal blossoms. The background color is a light cadet blue. Each fan contains a few flowers of its own. Lined, silk, excellent condition.

The obi is a nagoya style obi - with two thirds of the obi already folded and sewn in half to make wrapping it around the waist easier (and lighter to wear). The final third (bow section) is 14in wide and features a large abstract floral in red, white and gold against a coral color that matches the kimono's design very well. See two smaller versions of the abstract floral on the narrow belt portion - these would appear at the front waist when worn.

The obi is 6.5in wide in the belt and 14in wide in the bow section.


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