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"Citrus Snow" Japanique Tunic Vest

"Citrus Snow" Japanique Tunic Vest

Sherbet Colors

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  • Ships from New York
  • In-house Design
  • Sourced from Japan
Pinks, oranges, and yellows mix and meld in the background, reminding us of a tequila sunrise, or maybe just a sherbet smoothie. On top of the dye work are a series of hilltops, covered with little white speckles - snow??

This Japanique Tunic Vest brings the styling of a kimono jacket into contemporary fashion! We simply removed the sleeves of a traditional haori (kimono jacket). The deep armholes allow for great ease of movement and the extra fabric at the shoulder creates almost a cap sleeve. It's a simple, versatile vest to throw on over jeans or to add pattern and style to solid colors underneath.

Like the haori it started as, the tunic vest is not meant to cross over but should be worn open to reveal a bit of what is worn underneath. If you're looking to add a traditional touch, we do offer the woven ties - called haori himo - that can be hooked into the little fabric loops that you'll find on at the mid-front of the vest. They are sold separately (add a himo pair ($5) option above) and we'll select one that goes with this tunic vest. (If you'd like to choose your own, we have several fancy ones listed here.)
Length: 29"
Width: 45"
Made In (Estimated): 1970s
Condition: Excellent
Material: Silk


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