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"Banana Batik" Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

"Banana Batik" Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Unusual Color Combo

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This listing is for a vintage Japanese furoshiki - a very handy, sturdy, multi-use cloth in Japan.  Higher quality (usually silk) furoshiki are traditionally used as gift wrap; more casual versions (often cotton) are used for shopping, transporting goods, or storing seasonal bedding. These days furoshiki are popular as upcycled grocery totes or to carry whatever we used to carry in a non-recycleable plastic bag. For a short history of furshiki, watch the video below.

This furoshiki is a fun diversion from traditional Japanese motifs.  The yellow and brown combination is unusual, as is the stylized pattern that includes Japanese floral and the "fitted grid" design (where one element creates the border for the next one) but the scale and colors don't "seem Japanese". 

Possibly stencil-dyed but with a batik step in the process that would have produced the "wax crackle" lines in the yellow sections of the furoshiki.


Furoshiki are typically about an inch longer on one side than the other. See tabs below for more details about this particular furoshiki.

Length: 35
Width: 34
Made In (Estimated): 1980
Condition: Excellent
Material: cotton


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