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"Aged Lovely" Vintage Folding Fan

"Aged Lovely" Vintage Folding Fan

Wabi Sabi Beauty

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  • Ships from NY
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Sourced from Japan

This listing is a vintage Japanese folding fan (sensu in Japanese). See videos below on how the paper version of these fans are made - it's quite an elaborate and precise process.

This is an oldie but goodie.  What was once, no doubt, a very formal fan has survived with a wabi-sabi beauty that more than hints at its once elegant profile.  Black, and silver ivy with a watercolor effect, stretch from a delicately painted branch on the left.  On the right is the signature of the artist and their red name stamp.

Note the blemishing on the top left side of the design, reflected in the pricing. Some of the paper spines might look white in the photos but that is the reflected light of the camera.

Length: 9" (closed)
Width: 15" open
Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Good Vintage
Fiber: Paper
Technique: Painted
Colors: Black, Silver
Motifs: Ivy


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