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"7 Small Size" Katagami Stencils Remnants

"7 Small Size" Katagami Stencils Remnants

Small Repeats

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  • Sourced from Japan

A set of seven rectangles of usable stencils salvaged from vintage Japanese katagami stencils. These "carved paper" beauties are little works of art you can use to create art on paper or fabric.

In this set you'll get seven different stencils, mostly small repeat designs. Each piece is a slightly different size, ranging from 3-4" wide and 4-6" long. Each set is randomly selected out of our current inventory. Photos are examples only, yours will look different.

These can still be used with watercolor paints or dyes, on paper or fabric. They can also be cut up further and used in papercraft projects - their fine, delicate lines make interesting borders or "fill" for outlined elements.

Katagami are the stencils used to create layers of design on traditional Japanese kimono. Each one is cut by hand, either with a free-hand knife or a tiny punch tool. They are made from one or two sheets of heavy washi paper and covered with persimmon tannin to add strength and moisture resistance. Nowadays, more durable plastic versions are used, but these older paper stencils are often still usable in addition to being works of art. See the video below for how katagami are made and used.

Made In (Estimated): 1950s
Condition: Very Good Vintage
Fiber: Washi Paper
Technique: Hand Cut
Colors: Dark Brown
Motifs: Mix


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